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What’s in it for you?

A training guide to accompany you through the entire duration from training to challenge.

  • An online tracker,
  • Access to the ruines of Villers-la-Ville,
  • Access to the Robertville beach and lake,
  • A boat and pilot to follow you on the water,
  • The organisation of the finishing at River Woods on the Knokke beach,
  • A finisher medal!
  • Catering and hotels for the guides.

Solo participation: 250€

Team participation: 300€ + 250€ per team member

Quote based extra’s:

A. Personal assistance: Complete athlete assistance, hospitality, hotels, catering, physiotherapist

B. Online and Social visibility: Photo report, film, social presence.

C. Event organisation: Start, transitions, arrival

D. Training camp in Robertville