Compete Solo or in Relay Teams

The only limit is the one you set yourself

Felix Baumgartner

Certainly you still have a goals somewhere in the back of your mind you would like to tackle… A challenge, ride the Tour de France solo, climb the highest mountain, run to the south of France in the summer… Come and see us, we might be able to help you achieve your first or x’th challenge! We are there to help, we are there to win together.

I will guide you through the complete challenge. The road to this achievement will be long and hard and you will be guided through the whole process from your first thought of participating to crossing the finish line. Who am I?

guy getting interviewed after sport event

You can complete the stages solo or you can choose a bunch of friends or colleagues and complete the race in a team.

Teams will switch team members every hour, Solo atletes will have time to rest.

Run from Villers-la-Ville to Waimes (Robertville)

Swim the Robertville Lake

Race from Waimes (Robertville) to Knokke

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